We are  serving Wine and Beer, Champagne & Wine by Glass, Aperitifs and Ports,

Champagne from France brut & Prosecco
White wines:
Pinot Griggio. dry, green & light
Moscato D’asti. Fuzy and fruity 

Sauvignon blanc , dry
Chardonnay California dry & light
Chardonnay Macon Vinzelles France. dry 
White Zinfandel, light  and  1/2 sweet
Syrah/ Merlot from France , dry,soft tannins
Rosé wines::
White Zinfandel sweet
Rosé from Fracedry and light
Red wines:
Merlot oregon silky
OPP superb Pinot Noir willamette valley,
Cabernet California dry  soft tannins
Bordeaux Meritage  dry , balanced acidity
Dessert wines
Port, Ruby, Tawny, 20y,34y, LBV, Fonseca 27


FRENCH CHAMPAGNE from 39.00 a bottle

WHITE WINES  from $27.00 a bottle
Pinot Griggio Italy
Moscato d’asti. Italy
Riesling from Mosel, Sauvignon Blanc. Calif. Loire Valley
Vouvray Lore Valley France
Chardonnay California and France

ROSE WINES  from $25.00 a bottle
White Zinfandel  California, soft
Rosé wines dry and light

DESSERT WINES from $37.00
1/2 Montbazillac
1/2 Grand Carety Sauternes- a must try with our foie gras
Ports (by Glass) Tawny, LBV, 20 & 34 years old

RED WINE   from  $ 27.00 a bottle
Syrah, France
Merlot, Chile, Alexander V, Napa, Bordeaux
Fruity Merlot  Columbia Valley recommended with duck cranberry/raspberry sauce
Pinot Noir, Wilamette valley, Burgundy
Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa,Paso Robles, Alexander V, France
Cote du Rhone, France
Bordeaux France

Nuit Saint Georges 2000 Pinot Noir


Ask our Sommelier for details  with large parties