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1972 Citroen DS21 . Thanks to Mr Richard Bonfond

MainRoom (15) t17Experience the atmosphere of a cozy French cottage with Tuxedo-clad waiters and dine on the most tempting French classic dishes, where tradition never goes out of style.

Warm & soft hues with candles on each table, romantic music and tuxedo-clad waiters, just few hundred yards from the Strip at the edge on downtown Las Vegas.


(See pictures )
Main Room table 10 to 26  up to 50 people
Private room table 31 to 36 up to 25 people
Small Private room, table 101 to 104 –  or 1 single table for 10 / 12 people maximum




By Rick Moonen June 2015
“Pamplemousse, French for “grapefruit,” is a quaint classic. The lighting, ceiling fans and French music—piano and saxophone instrumentals—is perfect and charming. The East Sahara location takes you away from the chaos and back to old Las Vegas, feeling even more like the ’60s than the ’70s.
Pamplemousse’s menu features a decadent torchon de foie gras, left, and a rich bouchée de fruits de mer, a seafood stew in a puff pastry cup.”

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